What is HODL House?


We provide cryptocurrency ATMs in high traffic areas as well as a gathering spot for like-minded individuals.

Our mission is to provide everyone easy access to cryptocurrency and quality education about cryptocurrency.

We provide a place where people can go and purchase cryptocurrency with fiat. We do not accept fiat (USD) for any other purpose.

They can purchase cryptocurrency using our advanced ATMs which can print them paper wallets loaded with their coins. Dozens of cryptocurrencies will be available when we start, and we’ll add more and more over time.

Our staff will be available to patiently and cheerfully walk newcomers through the basics of crypto.

We also want to provide a meeting place for people to come and talk about crypto. Think cigar lounge, but for nerds.

Concerned about normies? So are we. Our shibboleth is that you have to pay for your club membership in crytpo. Nice try normies.